At Search.gov we aim to provide an excellent public search experience, a self-service search administration experience, and a rock-solid secure and compliant infrastructure to support it all, while keeping the cost of search down, government-wide.

We know it’s helpful for you, our partners at federal agencies, to know what we have planned for our service, to support your planning for your own web platforms. This roadmap shows what we are working on now, and what we plan to be working after that. We’ll update this roadmap quarterly.

FY20, Q4: July - September 2020


  • Finalize click tracking in the Results API
    • For customers using the results API, we are working to include more features that are available for our users who use the hosted results page. Soon we’ll have a way to feed click data into our analytics for your reporting needs, and it will also allow us to use that data as a ranking factor in our relevance algorithm.
  • Security and Privacy
    • We will be adding redaction logic to our search analytics to protect personal information that may be entered by searchers.
    • We will be more closely tracking changes to search site settings.
  • Login.gov integration
    • We are working to ensure a smoother Login.gov experience for our users.
  • Infrastructure and DevOps workflows
    • We’ll be improving our continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Search.gov website redesign
    • We will be updating to a design fully aligned with the US Web Design System, in accordance with the 21st Century IDEA. Keep an eye out - we may reach out for help with usability testing!


  • Indexing improvements
    • By improving pieces of the indexing process, we intend to help sites improve the search experience for end-users. Most of these improvements will be in the backend workflows of our system.
  • Address critical infrastructure needs
    • We’ll begin planning our upgrade to the next Elasticsearch version.
  • Development process improvements
    • Update our system error diagnostics tooling
    • Clean out legacy code components
  • Results page redesign
    • Preparation stage


  • Improving indexing for users without sitemaps
  • Search query upgrades to support boolean operators and improve synonyms
  • Results page redesign - searcher interface updates
  • Cloud infrastructure improvements

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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