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March 2020 Newsletter

System Upgrade Update

Upgrade Underway - Analytics Affected

As many of you know, we have been working hard on’s technical infrastructure to improve the experience for both searchers and site managers. The timing of this has been revolving around our ATO reassessment, and we’re approaching deadlines.

We are really excited about getting into the next chapter, post upgrades - but unfortunately, this means that we won’t be able to provide analytics in our Admin Center for approximately two weeks. Please rest assured your data is still being collected on the back end - it just won’t show in the Admin Center while we are finishing our upgrade work. You’ll be able to access all data and reports as soon as we finish the upgrades.

Our team understands how important analytics are - and that the timing of this is particularly inconvenient given the recent uptick in queries related to public health concerns. The team is available as always by email or by phone (202.969.7426) to help you handle your data requests on a one-off basis. Please allow 4 business hours to process data requests.

We apologize for the inconvenience and short notice.

Focus Group Recap

Focus Group Highlights Challenges in Web Management

On March 4, 12 agency partners gathered to discuss their current metadata management processes and challenges they face, as well as the faceting and filtering options they would like to provide to searchers. We will publish a full recap in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all who participated!

Release Notes

Want to learn about the latest features, fixes, and focuses of the Search team? We post monthly Release Notes on our website.

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March 01, 2020