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February 2018 Release Notes


  • Our new indexing system has been in production since December! In February, we continued to release several features that are building on and improving our new system:
    • We have made our indexing rake task more efficient.
    • We began implementing indexing from XML sitemaps. Check out our new XML Sitemaps page to learn more about them.
  • We made our title parsing more flexible, drawing from either <title> or <og:title> tags, depending on where a site’s quality title metadata may be.


  • We upgraded Rails for our core application
  • We switched our highlighting of terms in search results to a much lighter method.
  • We now have all apps enforcing HTTPs and are compliant with BOD 18-01.
  • We removed abandoned i14y drawers.
  • We improved how our indexing job updates records for existing pages.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an RSS feeds fetch issue.
  • We have fixed the bug causing search sites to have access to the Best Bets of other affiliates.
  • We disabled four-byte UTF-8 characters in Twitter results, and now support eight-byte characters. That’s right — emojis in your search results if they are used in your tweets.
March 27, 2018