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January 2019 Release Notes


  • After integrating directly with the new USAJOBS API, we worked on additional tuning of trigger words to avoid false positive job-related searches
  • We have improved search performance by caching repeat queries made to our data store
  • We updated our content parser to accept some non-standard HTML tags, and to ignore any content within <nav> and <footer> elements

Fixes, Upgrades, Misc

  • We upgraded Ruby on our search-gov repo
  • We increased the processing power on the servers that support our primary web index
  • We reindexed our primary index into more Elasticsearch shards
  • We decreased the cookie timeout for Admin Center sessions
  • We made the failed password reset alert language more ambiguous, so people will no longer be able to tell whether the email address has an account
  • We fixed a bug in our MRSS photo indexer
February 15, 2019