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November 2018 Release Notes


  • We integrated directly with the new USAJOBS API. This means
    • We are now querying their system at query time, rather than building an index of their job postings within our own system and querying that at query time.
    • We have reconfigured what information our jobs searches include in the full query that we send to USAJOBS.
    • We have increased the geographic radius we’ll look at when a user searches on a jobs-related term. The radius is now 75 miles from the user’s general location.
    • We are now always providing a link to if someone has searched for a jobs-related term, even if there are no jobs located near the searcher.
  • We now support indexing TXT files. There are more TXT files on government websites than you would have thought!


  • We fixed a link in the Jobs module that led searchers to a broken page.
  • We now deduplicate sitemap URLs so we will not try to index the same content more than once.
  • We updated Ruby gems: Loofah, Rack, FFI.
  • We upgraded Ruby.
December 12, 2018