We often receive questions when an agency conducts a major website upgrade, changes content management systems, or both. We created this checklist that will help ensure your redesign is successful.


  1. Keep the file name and directory structure the same, if possible. If it isn’t possible, use 301 redirects to send visitors to the appropriate new pages. For more on 301 redirects, read tips from Bing (External link) and Google (External link). Notify other websites that link to you of the changes.
  2. Register for the commercial search engines’ webmaster tools.
  3. Update the XML sitemap on your website and notify the search engines via webmaster tools.
  4. Notify the search engines of content that has been removed via the webmaster tools. Specifically, in Bing, use the Site Move tool (External link).

Search Setup

  1. Within the Search Admin Center:
  2. If you are transitioning your website to HTTPS, we have an additional Preparing Your Site for HTTPS checklist.

If you’ve undergone a redesign, followed these steps, and your site search results are not what you’d expect, send us an email.

Additional Resource: