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  • Multiple user types
    • It would be nice to have different levels of account access for users - admin, editorial control (like best bets), report viewer, etc. It would be nice to give some people access to metrics, but not let them make any changes. I can also see the need for some people to make changes to best bets, but not change things like the look and feel.


  • Analytics visualization push/publishing
    • Allow customers to push or otherwise publish a visualization of their search data.
  • Downloadable reports in each analytics section (queries, clicks, referrers)
    • This idea came from a user who liked the weekly query reports found at the bottom of the monthly reports section, but could not use them because her team uses a different start/end date to a week. Downloadable reports in each section would solve this issue.
  • Historical drill down metrics
    • Please show drill down metrics for more than the current month. I’d like to be able to see changes from month to month.
  • Search terms report emailed in middle of day
    • I receive the Daily Snapshot by email, which is a nice service. I was thinking, it could also be handy to have a mid-day report generated, too. For example, yesterday was Columbus Day. My employer was open for business as usual. The DigitalGov Search report indicates that “columbus day” was a top search term, and the holiday information pages were top requests. Had I known at noon that people had searched for “columbus day” in the morning, then I could have posted in the afternoon on social media information about Columbus Day hours and such. A midday search report could help us be more proactive in assisting our website visitors and the population at large.
  • Separate columns for numbered lists on analytics reports
    • On the Queries report (and any other numbered list) screen, please remove the numbers from the cell containing the value. Instead, include in a first, separate column. The only way for us to export data currently is to manually copy / paste into Excel. To do any additional analysis, we need to remove the numbers.
  • Sortable columns on the Queries page
    • Add sortable columns to the Queries page so you can change the sort order by any of the four columns.

    • Search team note: if we implement this feature, we’d also implement the change in the Queries and Referrers sections.


  • Add ability to use domain url as a variable or token
    • Using this approach, a modification to the domain url can be changed in one field instead of having to change it throughout every setting in the site config.
  • Allow sites to hide the filters bar
    • I would like to remove the menu bar with the Everything (All Time and Best Match drop downs) filter.
    • Search team note: the filter feature only appears when results are being served from our indexes
  • Allow a user to query (GET) a document ID via API
    • Allow a user to query (GET) a document ID in the DigitalGov Search ID, so they can see if it already exists and what current values are for its fields. Currently, the contents the of documents are not transparent, not returned even in the response of a successful POST/PUT, so there is no way to verify that inputs were formatted and saved correctly. This makes it difficult to debug an issue that doesn’t cause an API error response (like putting a value in the wrong field, but still submitting a valid JSON document).
  • Batch Upload of Routed Query data
    • Bulk upload of Routed Query data similar to the Text Best Bets
  • Collection with file types filtered
    • I would like to create a collection where I can also specify what file types will show up - PDF, html, doc, etc.
  • Display more job listings
    • Let sites show more jobs search results
  • Display video results in a grid

  • Download current Best Bets
    • I would like to be able to download or print in a friendly format the Best Bets list. Our staff contributes to the recommended links. I have a master Excel sheet, but I’d like to be able to grab a version of everything that is logged in. The current format does not print well.
  • Graphics Best Bets image should be clickable

  • Graphics Best Bets should have an optional description
    • Allow Graphics Best Bets to have an optional description. Our site doesn’t have a central page for a certain topic, so search becomes the central place for that topic. I also think it would be a value add to have a description field because then users can skip going to an extra page if they find what they need right on the search page.
  • Integrate the directory information for each agency into search results
    • I think it would be beneficial to people who search for an agency name to get the corresponding directory record information from There is a directory API available.
  • Logo file types
    • Add SVG as an allowable logo file type.
  • Search Page Alert improvements
    • Allow links to be added to the Search Page Alert.
  • Tweets tab
    • Could there be a separate tab/link (like Images) for Twitter that would show all Twitter feeds by order of tweet?
  • Type-ahead suggestions can be added in Admin Center
    • I heard that it’s possible to add typeahead suggestions manually in the back end. Can we do this through the Admin Center?
    • Search team note: Currently, your agency can email us if there are typeahead suggestions you’d like to appear for your search configuration.


Thanks for your feedback! This feature/update is now live

  • Alert me if a term has been searched more than X number of times and is not showing results and/or has a low click through rate.
  • Best Bets display on keywords only
  • Change the page title for the login screen to DigitalGov Search Login
  • Discover RSS feeds from a dedicated RSS feeds list page
  • Monthly Reports data: list Top Queries with No Results and Top Queries with Low Click Thrus for the entire month
  • Monthly Reports download: Add # of clicks and CTR columns to the CSV files that you download from the Monthly Reports page.
  • Search Page Alert title and color can be changed.
  • Update help documentation
    • Search team note: we are always updating our help documentation! Please send feedback at any time.