Important Note: April, 2018. For new implementations, the team recommends you index your content with us not using our Drupal module to send content to our i14y indexing API, but rather by publishing a comprehensive XML sitemap, which we can use to index your content. We recommend the XML Sitemap module (External link). Read more.

To use the service on a Drupal-based website, you should install the XML Sitemap (External link) module, and may want to consider a tool like Yoast SEO (External link) to pull in non-Drupal content as well. You may also be interested in our overview of XML sitemaps.

The usasearch Drupal module (External link) can facilitate indexing content with our service, but we prefer the XML sitemap method.

  • It is possible to manually modify the Drupal search box to connect to our service, but the module allows you to make the connection via a setting configuration, rather than code work.

Step by step instructions for setting up the module

Troubleshooting tips