This help manual follows the order of settings that are available in the Search Admin Center.

Take a look at our Search Site Launch Guide for step by step implementation details. Or if you’re an existing customer relaunching a website, read our Website Redesign Checklist.

Help documentation about the indexing process can be found here.


Site overview
Manage users
Clone Site


Monthly reports
3rd party tracking
Analytics Alerts

Manage Content

Content overview
Domains (plus advanced options to add or filter URLs.)
* For questions about indexing, including sitemaps, see our Indexing help section.
i14y drawers (this option will only appear if your site is enabled for i14y)
Best bets: text and/or graphics
Routed queries
Instagram [Deprecated]

Manage Display

Display overview (including job openings, Federal Register, and health topics)
Brand (font & colors, image assets, and header & footer)
Custom No Results page
Custom Search Page Alert



Code snippets
Search Results API instructions and access key*
Type-ahead API instructions*
i14y API instructions*

* These APIs are available for use on official government websites only. You must be a customer. Sign in is required. Keys and instructions for each can be found under Admin Center > YourSite > Activate Search.

Additional Help Resources Not in the Admin Center

XML Sitemaps
/robots.txt Files
How to get search engines to index the right content for better discoverability
Getting Started video (4 mins) (External link)
Go-Live Check List
Masking your domain
Website Redesign Checklist
Resources for Developers
Upcoming Training and Video Recordings

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