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ALERT: Instagram now requires accounts to grant permission to index their images via an integration between systems. Since this integration will not be possible for in the foreseeable future, we’re exploring other options. Our Instagram index was last updated in June 2016. Any images in our index prior to that date will continue to be shown on your search results page, as long as you do not remove your Instagram account from the Admin Center. If you remove your account, any photos in our index will be permanently deleted from our system. This help manual page is for historical reference only.

Tell Us About Your Instagram Account

Provide us with the username for your Instagram Account.

When you’re logged into Instagram, you can see your username at (External link).

For example, the Instagram username for the Department of Labor is usdol (External link).

Opt to Display Your Instagram Pictures

When you add the username for your Instagram account, we’ll automatically index all of the pictures in your account.

On the image results page, we’ll display the pictures from your Instagram account by default. If you’d like to backfill them with the standard image results from your website, email us and we’ll turn on your web images for you.

See the sample results page below that shows image results displayed on for a search on minimum wage.

Image results from Flickr & Instagram

Did you know? Do you have a multimedia gallery on your website for your agency’s photos, images, videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content? Do you use a content management system, database, or media RSS (MRSS) feed to power this gallery? You can index MRSS feeds so that your multimedia content is automatically included in your search results.

Did you know? You can also tell us about your Flickr photostream. Note that searchers see interspersed results from both Flickr and Instagram. If you have a lot of duplicate images in the two services, consider listing only one in the Admin Center.

Troubleshooting tip: Flickr and Instagram results appear on the newly redesigned results page only. Email us at if you’re ready to turn on the new results page.