For 18 years, GSA’s has transformed the public’s search experience on federal government websites. Agencies use our free, shared service to power over 2,000 search boxes on over 30% of federal domains. This page will walk you through the steps required to integrate with your Federalist website.

On the Federalist side of things, part 1

  1. Confirm you have the jekyll-sitemap gem installed in your repo. Read the docs here and instructions for GitHub Pages here.

On the side of things:

  1. Sign up for a user account.
  2. Read our Search Site Launch Guide if you’d like some direction.
  3. Request that your domain be indexed by emailing our team. Note, the site must be publicly available for our indexer to be able to access your content.
  4. Create and configure a search site in our Admin Center. Note: you’ll give your site a display name and a site handle, and you’ll need to enter the site handle in the search box form code on your website.
  5. Preview your search results once the indexing is complete.
  6. Put finishing touches on your search site in the Admin Center - brand your results page, etc.

On the Federalist side of things, part 2

  1. Add your site handle from the Admin Center to the _config.yml file in your Federalist repo, on the searchgov_affiliate line.
  2. Include the _includes/searchgov/form.html search box in your <header> include.
  3. If you would like type-ahead search suggestions to appear in your website’s search box, add include the _includes/searchgov/script.html block in your <footer> include.