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Display Name

Tell us the name of your website. Searchers see your site name on the results page, such as in your page title or best bets. We recommend using the plain language name for your agency or site, such as Social Security Administration.

Homepage URL

Tell us the homepage URL of your website. Enter a fully qualified URL, including http://, http://www, etc.

Correct Syntax


Incorrect Syntax

  • (use
  • (use
  • (use the higher-level folder,
  • (use the higher-level domain,
  • (use the domain that resolves,

We use this homepage URL to (a) populate your primary domain and (b) link the default logo on your results page to your homepage.

Site Handle

You created your site handle when you originally added your site. We use your site handle in the HTTP request to display your custom settings. Searchers can see your site handle in the browser’s address bar. We recommend making this handle short and unique, such as ssa. If you’d like to edit your site handle, email us at

Site name and handle on's search results page

Site ID

We assign a unique, system-generated numeric ID to your site. We use this ID for some back-end code. You can see this ID in the URL for your site in the Admin Center.

Site Language

You chose your site’s language (English, Spanish, or one of the other 69 supported languages when you first added your site. If you’d like to edit your site’s language, email us at


After you’ve set up a site, you may want to delete it. Use caution. This action permanently deletes your site and its associated analytics and indexes. We cannot restore deleted sites.

Did you know? Click the pushpin icon in the top navigation bar to change the default site that appears when you first log in to the Admin Center.