In April, we released several important underlying infrastructure changes. These changes will allow us to deliver more features for our agency customers and searchers in the months ahead. For example, we upgraded all of our customers to a new template-based system, which will provide us with the flexibility to roll out new video, image, and social media features seamlessly.

Below are the release details for April and, as a reminder, we divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: Things you actually notice.
  2. Chores: Back-end improvements that you don’t notice.
  3. Fixes: Fixes to any code issues that may arise.

Features for Agency Customers

  • Customers can input multiple social media handles or URLs on the Social Media page.
  • Customers can input multiple RSS feeds for each title on the RSS page.
  • Customers can upload a page background image on the Look and Feel page. They can also select a repeat option for the image.
  • Customers can toggle display of deep links on the Results Module page.
  • Customers can toggle related sites, including Spanish, on the Results Module page.
  • Customers can input their WebTrends or Google Analytics IDs on the 3rd Party Tracking page.
  • Customers can download weekly reports from Monthly Reports page.
  • API customers can access new features through the API.
  • Admins can bulk upload an unlimited number of URLs on behalf of customers.
  • Admins can specify “catalog” URLs on behalf of customers.

Features for Searchers

  • Searchers see all elements aligned horizontally under search bar.
  • Searchers see the published at date for web search results when the URL is part of an RSS feed.
  • Searchers see up to 20 video results per page with a paging option to see more results.
  • Mobile searchers see mobile friendly results pages for RSS- and collection-based results.
  • Searchers see magnifying glass favicon on hosted results pages when no custom favicon is specified.


  • Regularly update all specified URLs, including those discovered via sitemaps.
  • Remove the locale parameter from the URL.
  • Collapse duplicate leading slashes in URLs in our index.
  • Discover and create nested PDFs daily. Fetch and index them with the weekly refresh.
  • Update our program URL to
  • Redirect searchers from to’s forms page.
  • Developers can no longer sign up for an account. Redirect developers to the recalls API on’s developer resources.


  • Customers using ad block extensions see the left nav in the Admin Center.
  • Customers are no longer allowed to toggle OneSERP on the Look and Feel page if their header or footer contains script, style, or link elements.
  • Customers are no longer allowed to enter HTML or body elements in the header and footer.
  • IE-specific comments do not break the page layout.
  • Searchers no longer see a border around the header image when it has a link.
  • Take the useragent into account when parsing robots.txt files.
  • Center managed headers in IE8.
  • Fix RSS search to allow page parameters.
  • Fix display problem with ampersands.
  • Fix date sort in the recalls API.
  • Fix export URLs to export all records.
  • Fix the URLs and Sitemaps page to load quickly.
  • Fix missing help links in the Admin Center.