Highlight: Find State and Local Jobs

Searchers on many state and local websites can now see current job openings. We’re automatically indexing and displaying job openings for all of your websites that use NeoGov.

See the sample results page below that shows current job openings displayed on the City of Bloomington, MN, for a search on jobs.

Search results for jobs on ci.bloomington.mn.us

(Thanks, City of Bloomington, for helping us pilot test this new feature!)

Other Features

  • Searchers now see search results for collections that are in deeply nested folders on your site.
  • Searchers no longer see deep site links for the first-listed search result.
  • Developers can now access state and local jobs data via our Jobs API for government agencies that use both DigitalGov Search and NeoGov.


  • We updated our terms of service.
  • We updated the links in the header of our Admin Center and search results page to match our new website.
  • We removed the option to exclude specific domains from the Admin Center. Read our tip on how to exclude content or email us at search@support.digitalgov.gov with any questions.
  • We removed outdated, unused code that allowed you to embed the search results page within an iFrame.
  • We removed code that allowed you to set keywords to limit the scope of the search results (which had previously been a workaround to allow searchers to see your deeply nested content).
  • We removed the trending searches feature and widget.
  • We updated our Jenkins build to fix to failing Cucumber specs.


  • We’re now tracking impressions on graphics Best Bets.
  • We now accept Flickr and RSS feeds even if there are invalid items without a description, date, or other required field.
  • The advanced search link no longer propagates unnecessary parameters in the URL.
  • We removed trailing spaces from Twitter handles to prevent broken links in the Twitter GovBox.
  • We now accept Flickr handles with an ‘@’ sign in them.
  • Searchers now see better results when they do a search from the advanced search page with multiple terms in the ‘Any of these words’ and ‘None of these words’ fields.
  • Searchers now see results for terms like full-time and part-time. The hyphens had previously been treated as the NOT Boolean operator.
  • Searchers no longer see the Jobs GovBox for advanced searches when it isn’t relevant.
  • We fixed a bug so that, if a site parameter is specified, it overrides the scopeid parameter.
  • We added some additional logic to the code that redirects visitors from search.usa.gov to USA.gov’s homepage.
  • We fixed a few regression bugs for related searches and the naming of the ‘unescapedUrl’ and ‘publishedAt’ fields in our Search API.
  • We now display search results only for pages that specify a URL.