• We deactivate user accounts for customers who are no longer at their agency, do not have a search site set up, have never verified their email, or have not logged in to their account for more than a year. Previously, deactivated users who attempted to log-in to our system and/or reset their passwords were redirected to the USA.gov homepage. Now, deactivated users see a message, alerting them to contact our team.
  • We hosted a webinar covering the current ways that customers can directly index their content with our service: via Supplemental RSS feed, i14y API or via the Drupal module that connects with our API. We’ll post the recording in the Training section of our website as soon as it is available.


  • Our developer team began a sprint investigating the best way to get customer content into our own indexes. There are several advantages to using our own indexes:
    • Customers can have complete control over what content is included in their search results.
    • Customers don’t need to rely on results from commercial indexes, which can be out of date or have unpredictable titles/descriptions.


  • Our Jobs API was briefly offline on Thursday, April 27th (from approximately 4:50 pm - 5:40 pm). A DNS update made by another program in our division caused the outage, which was immediately caught by our alerting system and rectified.