Highlighted Feature: Drupal 7 module now available

If you’re using Drupal, be sure to check out our updated Drupal module. It includes a new development branch for version 6 and and a release for version 7. Thanks, Tim Wood at the Department of Commerce!

Other features

  • Searchers can now narrow their results by up to three additional facets—contributor, publisher, or subject. To start using this feature, simply update any of your RSS feeds to include these Dublin Core properties.
  • Searchers are able to show and hide options (e.g., the time filter) from the sidebar on the results page.
  • You can now add only one Javascript snippet to your web pages (versus two separate snippets).
  • Coming soon, a Forms GovBox. Similar to our existing agency and health GovBoxes, we’re currently working on rolling out a forms GovBox to help searchers find federal government forms. If you have forms metadata in a structured format, and want to have your visitors see them in search results, please send us an email.


Over the past few weeks, we finished a long list of summer chores and we’re happy to have a clear deck to offer you more features in the coming months.

We upgraded our environment to Rails 3.2 (External link). This upgrade ensures continued stability and allows us to maintain our record of exceeding our service level agreements.

We also changed our back-end logic for indexing your content. We now index secure (https) content. We also now allow you to give instructions to our user agent in your robots.txt (External link) file.

Don’t forget to check out your July search stats—in your email inbox or via the Admin Center.

Other Chores

  • We upgraded to Ruby 1.9.3.
  • We updated the health GovBox to account for changes in the MedlinePlus XML files.
  • We investigated features and functionality of Google BigQuery (External link).
  • We investigated additional tools to monitor our application and the speed of our results.


  • We fixed broken URLs for YouTube thumbnails.
  • We fixed an invalid byte sequence in UTF-8.
  • We fixed the alt text on our Results by images.
  • We fixed the z-index so that type-ahead suggestions always appear on top of other page elements. We also updated the CSS for our type-ahead to ensure it doesn’t conflict with your CSS.
  • We fixed our recalls API to return the expected response and to handle null values for recalled_on.