Add Instagram Pictures to Your Image Results

Does your agency have an Instagram account? Your pictures can now appear in your site’s search results.

Simply tell us your Instagram username at Admin Center > YourSite > Manage Content > Instagram. We’ll automatically index all of the pictures in your account within minutes.

See the sample results below for a search for moon on

DOI Instagram Results

This feature is reflective of our commitment to bring your content, wherever it lives, to your searchers.

Other Features

  • Searchers now see results for Instagram pictures, regardless of spacing. For example, Apollo11 now returns the same results as Apollo 11. [Commit 9a29de8]
  • Searchers now see better spelling suggestions for image searches. [Commit 1ae0c7e7ff]
  • Searchers now see images from all known government Flickr and Instagram accounts when searching for images on
  • Searchers now see Dublin Core (External link) facets on the newly redesigned search results page.
  • Searchers now see a consistent look and phrasing for the See more… option on the various modules on the results page.
  • You can now toggle the display of Federal Register results in the Admin Center.
  • To improve the accessibility of the Admin Center, you now see an outline defining the area of focus, and you can access the links for My Account and Sign Out when navigating with the keyboard.


  • We upgraded to ElasticSearch 1.3.2.
  • We added a notice of upcoming changes to the API Instructions page in the Admin Center.


  • We fixed the spacing between titles and descriptions so it is consistent on all of our results pages.
  • To improve the quality of type-ahead suggestions, we decreased the number of times a term must be searched before appearing as a suggestion.
  • The option to drill down into detailed data for Best Bets now remains when you change the date on the Monthly Reports page.
  • Searchers no longer see deleted RSS items with 404 http status codes in their results.
  • We now pre-validate social media account handles.