We divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: Things you actually notice.
  2. Chores: Back-end improvements that you don’t notice.
  3. Bugs: Fixes to any code issues that may arise.

Features for Searchers

  • Searchers don’t see duplicate results from Add URLs.
  • Spanish searchers see stemmed equivalents.
  • Searchers on USA.gov see FAQ GovBox higher in results.

Features for Agency Customers

  • Customers can choose from predefined themes.
  • Customers see a a Sitemap box on the Sitemaps page.
  • Customers have a Discovery Tag for us to proactively discover and index content from their websites.
  • Customers can edit Header and Footer CSS.
  • Customers can set their locale to Spanish during sign up.
  • Customers see an updated left nav.


  • Remove “locale” parameter from all models, analytics, etc.


  • Add Spanish translations for Popular Links, no RSS results, and document results.
  • Remove extra whitespace when displaying snippets.
  • Fix buggy bold highlighting in type-ahead searches in API.
  • Remove 0-100 scale from sparklines in search module stats and let it autoscale.
  • Increase length of URL and title field on indexed documents.
  • Ignore invalid IndexedDocument URL’s before they get queued for fetching/indexing
  • Ignore HTTPS URLS for on-demand index.
  • Fix duplicate results due to domain and protocol variations.
  • Handle 503 errors from RSS feeds more gracefully.
  • Fix error logging around duplicate indexed docs pages.
  • Fix deduping regression to still match exact URLs.