2 Highlighted Features

1. Year in Review Email

Are you curious about the most searched for terms on your site in the past year? They’ll arrive in your inbox in our new, annual Year-in-Review email.

We’ll send you an email every December 15 (along with cheer and goodwill) with a list of the top 1,000 terms searched for on your site over the past year and how many times each term was searched.

2. Mobile Results Page Customization

Did you know that mobile search traffic increases during the holidays?

You can now customize the header on your mobile search results page to create a more seamless experience for visitors to your mobile website. Our new feature allows you to upload your mobile logo and specify a mobile homepage URL.

Other Features

  • Developers using our jobs API can find agency-specific jobs by searching for an agency’s name, abbreviation, or other variant.
  • Searchers see Bing image results followed by results from your Flickr photostream. (Example: search for images about hurricane sandy on DOL.gov.)
  • Searchers can now sort RSS-based results (such as press releases, blogs, etc.) by date or relevance.
  • Searchers now only see tweets from up to three months ago.
  • Searchers now only see articles from up to one year ago in the News GovBox.
  • You can now exclude specific subdomains or folders from your search results on the Excluded Domains page in the Admin Center.
  • You can now segment the keywords for your text Best Bets.
  • You now see your domains listed in A-Z order on the Domains page in the Admin Center.
  • You now see your requested 3rd Party Tracking scripts in the Admin Center.
  • You can now access collection results via our API.


  • We upgraded to Rails 3.2.10 (External link).
  • We sped up our interaction with the Bing Search API (External link).
  • We set up an automatic download of current jobs opening from USAJobs’ jobs export.
  • We refined the rules of our fetcher to index only HTML pages with our Javascript tag and any PDF or Microsoft Office documents linked from the tagged HTML page.
  • We automatically remove the repetitive @ if you include it as part of your Twitter handle.
  • We automatically resize your mobile header image if it is too big.
  • We updated our Linux kernels (External link), Jenkins (External link), New Relic (External link), and lots of RubyGems (External link).


  • Searchers and API users are now able to maintain a HTTP connection for multiple requests resulting in shorter response times.
  • Searchers can now set a custom date range even if type-ahead search is disabled on your results page.
  • Searchers no longer see inactive best bets as recommended pages in the type-ahead search.
  • Images no longer overlap on image search results pages.
  • We now show both queries and clicks in the analytics reports for customers with really long site handles.
  • We fixed a bug with how we recorded clicks for searches with apostrophes.
  • We show you an error message when you try to upload an improperly encoded URL via the URLs and Sitemaps page in the Admin Center.