3 Highlighted Features

Feature 1. Analyze Searchers’ Click Behavior

Clickthru rates (CTR) can indicate the relevance of your results for specific search terms. You can now see (a) the CTR for your top 1,000 queries and (b) your top clicked URLs. The data are updated in real time.

Use the data to find searches with low CTRs. For these queries, consider if a low CTR is good or not. (A low CTR can be good when searchers see the answer directly on the results page, eliminating the need to click on a link.) For those that aren’t good, tweak your page’s title or content, add a new page to your site, or add a best bet to point to the relevant page on another agency’s site.

Clickthru Rates for Top Queries

Feature 2. Analyze the Terms that Trigger Best Bets

Have you ever wondered what search terms make your best bets appear? From the Monthly Reports page, you can now drill down to see a pie chart of the terms that trigger each best bet. The data are updated in real time.

Use the data to tweak your best bet’s title, description, and keyword phrases. Or, use it to decide to delete the best bet altogether.

Pie Chart of Terms Triggering a Best Bet

Feature 3. Use Keyword Phrases to Show Best Bets Only When They’re Relevant

Have you ever seen a best bet when you don’t expect it to appear? Best bet keywords are now phrases. This change allows you to show a best bet only when its keyword is an exact match with a searcher’s query.

Best Bets Now Use Keyword Phrases


  • We fixed some errors with URL shortening.
  • We updated our stemming file so searchers no longer see irrelevant results for intern.
  • We replaced Jenkins with Travis CI (External link).
  • We fixed a time setting on our API machine.
  • We upgraded Java on our API and Cloudera (External link) machines.


  • We fixed the layout of graphic best bets so results are shown in vertical, newspaper style columns. We also added more spaces between links.
  • Spanish language searchers no longer see spelling suggestions for terms with and without diacritics.
  • We renamed the IP deduped column Real Count (Humans Only) in the downloadable CSV file on the Monthly Reports page.
  • We updated our mobile search results page to show a more/less symbol only when it is applicable.
  • We fixed the search box on our mobile results page so searchers can easily remove previous queries from the search box and so long mobile search terms don’t overlap with the ‘x’ on the right.
  • Best bets now appear even when there are no web results.