Highlighted Features

Password Management

The password change page now requires confirmation of your previous password. We also now require complex passwords, including 8 or more characters, and a combination of character types and cases.

Crawling and Indexing

We are exploring how we can use our own crawler for a subset of our customers’ search configurations. The goal is to serve more results directly from our own indexes, rather than leveraging commercial indexes. We recognize that not all agency customers are able to send us their content via API or RSS, and we also recognize that agencies are interested in having more control over when their content gets indexed, which is not possible with the commercial crawlers.


  • On December 15th, Bing deprecated 2 of its APIs. We successfully (and invisibly!) handled this transition for all search configurations that use our hosted search results page.
    • Related to this, we updated our search results API instructions in our Admin Center.
  • In line with the HTTPS-only mandate, we are now serving traffic only over HTTPS. We updated our help manual and the code snippets you see in the Admin Center to reflect this change.
  • We ran (and are continuing to run) bulk updates to some URLs that are still listed as HTTP in our system but can be accessed over HTTPS. This bulk update applies to URLs in the following features:
    • RSS feeds
    • Supplemental URLs
    • Supplemental RSS feeds
    • Best Bets


  • Our new JavaScript search results page now appears correctly in all modern versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer, and on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • We fixed an issue where our multi-server AWS environment was interfering with our Government URLs inventory database.
  • We fixed an error that was blocking our uploads to Bing’s temporary index.