Highlighted Features

Feature 1. We have a new name.

NOTE This page is outdated. In 2017 the service was renamed Search.gov.

We’re now DigitalGov Search. You’ll see our new name and brand on this web site, in our Admin Center, and as attribution on your search results pages.

DigitalGov Search

Feature 2. We’re continuing to go responsive.

We’ve redesigned our mobile search results page. It now uses a card-based design and is responsive. This design gives searchers a more consistent user experience and access to the results anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Take a sneak peek of the new responsive results page. Go to USA.gov (or your website) from any mobile phone or tablet and do a search. Or, add the parameter &m=true to the end of the URL on your desktop.

Spelling suggestions. Searchers now see a prompt to correct their spelling on the mobile results page.

Spelling suggestion for a search on yellw (sic) brick on USA.gov

Job openings. Searchers now see your agency’s job openings on the mobile results page.

Listings for federal software jobs on USA.gov

Feature 3. See all of your query data.

You can now see even more data in your weekly and monthly CSV downloads on the Monthly Reports page in the Admin Center. (We’d previously shown up to 1,000 rows. We now show up to one million rows.)

See up to 1M rows of data in your CSV files

Feature 4. Customize your Dublin Core labels.

You can now customize the labels for the subject, publisher, and contributor on any RSS feeds that you’ve extended with Dublin Core. (Thanks, Corporation for National and Community Service!)

Dublin Core Labels


  • We migrated our indexes for (a) RSS (news) and (b) type-ahead search suggestions from Solr to Elasticsearch (External link).
  • We collapsed overlapping synonyms in our Elasticsearch indexes.
  • We now automatically detect understemmed terms.
  • We migrated our GitHub account from GSA-OCSIT to https://github.com/GSA.
  • We addressed some sporadic indexing issues with our Twitter and YouTube feeds.
  • We now remove extraneous tabs or newlines in the titles RSS items.


  • We now ignore all apostrophes in our Elasticsearch indexes.
  • When you bulk upload text Best Bets, it no longer drops the last two columns.
  • Searchers that limit search results to the last hour no longer pull up items from 24 hours ago.
  • Searchers using an iPad no longer see an error on advanced search page.