Highlighted Feature: Jobs GovBox

We’re excited to announce that searchers looking for jobs on your site can now see all of your agency’s current job openings.

Our new Job Openings GovBox displays up to three location- and keyword-matched job openings on your results page. For more information on how to turn on this GovBox, see How To Select The Modules That Appear On Your Results Page.

We’ve open sourced all of the code that powers our Jobs Server API in Github.

We analyzed data on jobs-related searches to ensure that the new federal Jobs GovBox lists the most relevant job openings.

Searchers can now effectively search for jobs by keyword, agency, state, or work schedule (part-or full-time).

We also focused on not showing the Jobs GovBox when it isn’t relevant (for example, it is no longer shown when searchers look for job safety posters or employment verification forms).


  • We added our posting channel ID to all USAJobs links.
  • We set up a cron job to fetch and process job files from USAJobs.
  • We added impression and click tracking for the Jobs GovBox module.
  • We resolved performance discrepancy between our two datacenters.
  • We no longer use XML sitemaps to add documents to our web index.


  • You can now delete keywords from text best bets.
  • Newly added misspellings are now being applied to type-ahead suggestions.
  • Searchers can now find jobs in non-standard state locations (for example someone searching for jobs in Washington, DC, will find postings the the location of Washington DC Metro Area, District of Columbia).
  • We’ve already pushed two bug fixes for the Jobs GovBox to production. Searchers no longer see yet-to-be-opened or already closed jobs.