Highlighted Features

i14y Drawer Management

We updated the process for removing i14y Drawers from a search configuration.

  • If you remove a drawer that is associated with only one search configuration, it will be deleted from our system.
  • If you remove a drawer that is attached to multiple search configurations, it will be removed from only the one configuration and will remain attached to the others.

New Results Page Platform Launches

We launched our new JavaScript search results page, which is serving the search results on IRS.gov.

New JavaScript results page


  • Have your RSS feeds transitioned from HTTP to HTTPS? Our system now recognizes that transition automatically.
  • We indexed and support the search for whitehouse.gov. We prepared indexes to go live at noon January 20, for the obamawhitehouse.archives.gov sites, as well as the new content on whitehouse.gov.
  • We’ve updated the process around password reset links.
    • Password reset links are only valid for one hour: previously, if you requested a password reset link more than once within the hour, the first link would expire. This caused confusion for many users who accidentally hit the reset link twice and were encountering expired links.
    • Now, we will resend you the first, valid link for a period of one hour, regardless of how many times you hit the reset button.
    • We’ve also updated and clarified the message you see if you click an expired link.
  • We finalized adding all our active repos to the Code.gov inventory.


  • Our excellent asset caching was inadvertently prolonging transient errors by serving up cached error responses. We’ve fixed this so errors will really go away when they’ve cleared.
  • We also added a response code passthrough to make sure that, in our multiserver environment, we don’t end up returning 200 responses just because an error page is working just fine. We are now passing through the response code reported by the error page.
  • We fixed a bug where some password reset tokens were delivering users to the login page, when they should have been delivered to the password reset page.
  • We fixed an error that was interfering with our import of Federal Register documents for indexing.