We hope you’re staying cool in the dog days of our August summer, but just because it is hot doesn’t mean we aren’t busy.

We’d like to point out an enhancement to our Add to Bing feature. Immediately after you add a page to Bing, we automatically include it in your Boosted Content. Once the document is added to the Bing index, we automatically remove the entry from your Boosted Content. We hope you enjoy this enhancement as it is something that many of you told us was a high priority fix.

As a reminder, we divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: Things that you actually notice
  2. Bugs: Fixes to any code issues that may arise
  3. Chores: Back-end improvements that aren’t noticed

Without further adieu, below are the August release notes.


  • Users may find pages added via Add to Bing, even if the pages aren’t yet indexed by Bing
  • Users see a white background color on the default search results page template.
  • Users see an improved 404 page on Search.USA.gov.
  • Users see a fun, improved no results page.
  • User sees blended USA.gov FAQs on Search.USA.gov results pages
  • Users see boosted URLs below boosted collections
  • Users can view up to 1000 results
  • Users don’t trigger type-ahead suggestions when they use up or down arrows
  • Users see a three-column results page with vertical navigation in left column
  • Users go to the landing page when they click on the search button without a query
  • Users see related clinical trials in MedlinePlus Govboxes
  • Users see Related Topics below organic Bing web results
  • User sees improved pagination links on results pages
  • Users see Recommended by {affiliate_name} for URLs boosted content on affiliate results pages


  • Affiliate users see a confirmation popup when they delete a site
  • Fixed a misspelled variable name
  • Hide phone icon when there’s no number in Agency Govboxes
  • Words are no longer truncated in boosted content entries
  • HTML tags no longer show up in search results description
  • USA.gov FAQs now only appear on the first page
  • Search terms are no longer inadvertently selected as users type in the search box


  • Imaging/images is no longer stemmed in Solr
  • Upgraded to Rails 3.0.9