Highlight: Add a URL

Are specific web pages missing from your Bing web results? Tell us about these pages and we’ll append the pages to your web results. We offer two ways for you to tell us about the web pages that you want us to fetch and include in our web index.

  1. Add a specific URL manually.
  2. Use an RSS feed to manage your URLs.

Go to Manage Content > Domains > Advanced. Select Supplement URLs to add an individual URL or select Supplemental Feed to add multiple URLs via an RSS feed.

Add a Supplemental URL

We’ll fetch the URLs you add and we’ll index their metadata (title, description, and URL) plus the full text of the web page or document.

Other Features

  • For supplemental URLs, searchers now see a snippet from either the metadata (description field) or full document text (body field), depending on which field matches their search term.
  • You now see better error messages for supplemental URLs that we couldn’t index.
  • You can now access https results from our Search API.
  • You now see a clickable URL for system alerts posted in the Admin Center.
  • We rolled out the first pages our new, beta Admin Center—the Settings and Manage Users pages and their corresponding help files.
  • Developers now see unique descriptions for CPSC items in the recalls API.


  • We set up a new cloud server to host our list of federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government URLs that aren’t included in the .gov or .mil top-level domains that are cataloged using TemaTres.

    Note: As of 2019, non-.gov urls are now managed in GitHub

  • We moved the cached results for our commercial web indexes into a separate static cache subdirectory so that they (a) can be pruned at their own rate and (b) persist across production pushes.
  • We now use a persistent file for your header and footer CSS instead of generating it each time we load your results page.
  • We now return a 404 not found status code for static files that we don’t have. We used to return a 406.
  • We now index Seattle.gov jobs in our Jobs API.
  • We updated our API documentation to highlight the primary data sources for each API.
  • We started collecting your feedback on our new, beta Admin Center.
  • We reviewed the click data for our related search results.


  • We improved our validation check for manually added supplemental URLs.
  • We fixed the message that you see after you upload an invalid RSS feed for the supplemental URLs so that it is more actionable.
  • We now escape special characters like apostrophes so that searchers don’t see unescaped values within the snippets of supplemental URLs.
  • You can now add RSS feeds without the http:// or https:// prefix.