Federal Register Documents Are Now Available

Federal agencies publish notices, proposed rules, and final rules in the Federal Register. To make it easier for citizens and communities to understand the regulatory process and to participate in government decision-making, we created the Federal Register module to help searchers find these notices and rules.

This GovBox offers direct access to Federal Register documents. We pull the data from the Federal Register API to provide timely information across all documents.

If you opt to show the Federal Register module, searchers looking for topics on your site can readily find the notices and rules that your agency has published in the Federal Register.

The full title will be shown within the search results and when Federal Register documents have been posted by multiple agencies, searchers will see both agencies listed.

Documents with open comment periods will appear before relevant documents with closed comment periods. The status of the comment period will be noted in the results. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to see more Federal Register documents.

Federal Register results for grand canyon on DOI.gov

Other Features



  • Quoted searches now work for our Elasticsearch (External link) indexes.
  • Daily Snapshot emails now report data the correct date.
  • Searchers now see better type-ahead suggestions.