Happy Fourth of July. Before everyone departs for the long holiday, we wanted to post our June release notes.

As a reminder, we divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: things that you actually notice
  2. Bugs: fixes to any code issues that may arise
  3. Chores: back-end improvements that you don’t notice

Features for End Users Users

  • Users see polished agency GovBox design
  • Users see aligned text on SERPs
  • Users don’t see underlines on SERPs
  • User sees health GovBoxes
  • Users have improved accessibility for DigitalGov Search Program pages
  • Users see consistently-aligned items on landing pages
  • Users see added agency popular url model incl govbox view
  • Users see PDF before serp result titles for pdf urls
  • Users see improved basic_gray search term highlite visibility and removed
  • Mobile users can see SMS option
  • Spanish searchers can find web and imagenes landing pages

Features for Admins

  • USAAdmins can easily batch process new users by status
  • Analysts see 4 column daily click module containing module name, impressions, clicks, and CTR%


  • Users should not have letters “skipped” as they’re typing in the search box
  • Display shorter URLs on Affiliate SERPs
  • Affiliates should not see global terms populated in type ahead
  • Update API language
  • Fix type ahead suggestion drop down and font size in Grey Template
  • Modify indices on agency_urls
  • Boosted Sites/Spotlights/GovBoxes don’t have proper precedence rules.
  • HTML shows up on affiliate confirmation screen
  • Users don’t see web vertical spotlights on forms vertical
  • Search users should be able to see SAYT dropdown
  • Users get page not found error when logging out from some program/admin pages