2 Highlighted Features

1. Customers Receive a Monthly Analytics Report

Now it is easier than ever for you to glean insight from your search logs on what visitors are searching for—in their own words—on your site. On the first of each month, we’ll now email you an analytics report. Hopefully, you already received one on June 1.

Do you have a Flickr photostream? Tell us the name of your photostream. Within minutes, searchers will be able to find relevant images from your Flickr photostream when they search on your website.

We’ve found that those of you who have a Flickr photostream have higher quality image results from your photostream than from your web pages. So, if you’ve told us about your Flickr account, it now powers the default image search on your results page. We also now index the tags for your photostream to improve retrieval and relevance of your images.

Other Features

  • Searchers see improved titles and descriptions for web results that match RSS news items.
  • Searchers have faster load times on results pages with large CSS in their header or footer.
  • Customers see a new error message when there is malformed HTML in their header or footer.
  • Searchers see shorter snippets for RSS-based web snippets.
  • Searchers see a more concise statement regarding the number of results found.
  • We have good news for those of you with lots of PDF files. We’ve upgraded our PDF parser to Apache Tika (External link) to improve our ability to index complex, non-standard PDFs.
  • Customers may input third-party tracking (e.g., Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, etc.) via a request form.
  • Customers may upload up to 10,000 URLs via the bulk upload option on the URLs and Sitemaps page.


  • Support relative paths for favicons when adding a new site.
  • Set “{query} - {site} resultados de la búsqueda” as the default page title for Spanish-language sites.
  • Fixed memory bloat associated with log file processing.


  • Limit PDF file size to 50 MB.