We’ve spent the past few weeks doing some spring cleaning to improve our backend infrastructure and to lay the groundwork for a major update to our Admin Center. Stay tuned!


  • We started using the Rails asset pipeline. As a result of using the pipeline and some of the other chores below, we decreased the page load time by 25 percent.
  • We upgraded to Elasticsearch 0.90.1.
  • We upgraded to Ruby 2.0.0.
  • We updated the way we monitor Phusion Passenger.
  • We removed some unused tables and columns from our MySQL database.
  • We removed the legacy recalls code from our codebase now that we’ve released it as a standalone open source Recalls API Server.
  • We no longer require a valid API key to include API queries in your site analytics.
  • We updated our list of synonyms to include fracking and hyrdofracturing as equivalent terms.
  • The hyperlinks in the Admin Center system alerts are now clickable.


  • We fixed a regression bug with Haml and Ruby 2.0.0 that made the background color of the search results the same color as the page background.
  • We fixed the CSS for the magnifying glass on the search box so that it appears properly in IE7.
  • We now only show unique descriptions for CPSC recalls.