• Take complete control of your search results! We released the dev Drupal 8 version of our Drupal module. The module hooks your CMS into i14y, our content indexing API. Through i14y, you can send content directly to our indexes. No commercial web results are served: instead, searchers will see content exactly as you’ve sent it to us. Go to our Drupal project page to try it out, and reach out to our team with questions.

  • Our developer team has begun work on backend features that will provide new ways for customer content to be sent directly into our own indexes. This will be a long term project that extends through the rest of this calendar year and into 2018. Stay tuned!


  • We continue to refine our bot-blocking feature that was released in May. We are excited at the success of the feature and are continuing to stop new ‘junk’ queries from being entered into your search forms.

  • We began updating our server recipes to Chef 12 and our Ruby version to 2.3.


  • With our new bot blocker feature, we discovered that the CAPTCHA page didn’t work for human searchers who don’t have Javascript enabled, and searchers did not see an error. We added an error message to instruct these searchers to temporarily enable Javascript in order to complete the CAPTCHA prompt.