• Increasing indexing coverage We now index pages with only title metadata. Previously, we required pages include either content or description metadata in order to be indexed. This was to ensure we indexed pages with more complete information. However, this limited relevant content included on Javascript pages and similar client-side rendered pages.
    • As you include title metadata, it’s important keep them short and on-topic without packing in repeated information such as agency name. If you want to include your agency name, we recommend you place it after the page title. More information on metadata and tags you should include is available here.
  • Improving USAJOBS Integration Common government terms “federal” and “gobierno” no longer trigger our USAJOBS integration. Previously, queries that included these terms triggered our integration with USAJOBS to display relevant postings. However, these queries often resulted in no or irrelevant job postings.
  • Service upgrades We continued to upgrade components of our service, including ElasticSearch, Rails, and Ruby to improve the overall performance of our indexing system.


  • Language parsing bug fix We fixed a bug that parsed non-English pages (e.g. Greek) incorrectly or not at all. This particularly affected pages containing mathematical formulas and equations.