• We added support for XML sitemaps that are located in non-standard locations within a domain.
  • We added sort_by support to our Results API


  • We finished migrating to CircleCI for our continuous integration monitoring.
  • We improved our internal tracking of queries to the Bing API.
  • We improved how we handle indexing domains that time out.
  • We began indexing the last-modified date of a page, if provided
  • Our SitemapIndexer now processes one sitemap at a time, and we created an automated queue for indexing jobs and url fetching.
  • We improved the management of Searchgov domain states. Now each Searchgov domain has an “indexing activity”. States might include: indexing sitemaps, fetching new URLs (such as after bulk import), and crawling.
  • We now follow client-side redirects.
  • We improved our ability to avoid certain crawler traps.
  • We now index documents up to 15 MB in size. The previous limit was 10 MB.
  • We finalized our compliance with BOD 18-01.
  • We cleaned up how we handle temp files during indexing.
  • We tidied up our internal errors on indexing jobs, as well as our test suite.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that was not showing diacritics properly in non-English searches.