Highlighted Features

Feature 1. We migrated from Solr to Elasticsearch.

Open source search technology has improved rapidly in recent years. To keep pace, we upgraded from Solr to Elasticsearch (External link).

We’ve realized many benefits. Loren Siebert, one of our software engineers, recently presented on some lessons we’ve learned and the evolution of open source search technology in general.

Feature 2. We’re continuing to go responsive.

Based your feedback, searchers now see a larger logo when they search from their desktop computers.

Searchers now see the Health GovBox when they search from a mobile phone or tablet.

Health GovBox for a search on diabetes on USA.gov

Feature 3. Searchers now see higher quality RSS search results.

We’re working to improve the search experience for your RSS feeds. Below are the first two improvements we made. Many more are on the way over the next few months.

  • Searchers now see only unique URLs in the News GovBox. (We previously didn’t dedupe URLs that belonged to multiple feeds.)
  • Searchers now see only valid, resolving URLs. (We previously didn’t revisit your older URLs to remove those with 404 errors.)

See, for example, the Most recent… results for a search on corn on ERS.gov.


  • The option to narrow results to images only is now opt-in. To override the default, turn on the images sidebar option on the Display Overview page in the Admin Center.
  • We sped up the cron job that generates the monthly and weekly CSV files on the Monthly Reports page in the Admin Center.
  • We prototyped using the ELK stack (External link) ( Elasticsearch (External link), Logstash (External link) and Kibana (External link)) for our search analytics.
  • We fixed our Travis CI (External link) builds.
  • We upgraded to Elasticsearch 1.0.1.
  • We now route traffic evenly between our two datacenters.


  • The last two columns are no longer dropped when you bulk upload text best bets.
  • Searchers no longer get intermittently “stuck” on page one of the results.
  • Searchers no longer lose their spot on the results page after they opt to see more job openings.