In the ongoing government effort for transparency, we are going to use our blog to post our release notes on a monthly basis. While they may not be the most exciting posts ever, it seems the logical place to publish our activities. Search, as many know, is difficult with many of the improvements happening behind the scenes.

We divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: things that you actually notice
  2. Bugs: fixes to any code issues that may arise
  3. Chores: back-end improvements that you don’t notice

We did complete a big chore this month by upgrading to Rails 3 which will be invisible to you, but it will bring additional stability for our search environment and allow us to have longer feature list in the coming months.


  • Searchers see new second-level top navigation on landing pages and SERPs on and
  • Spanish searchers see improved web and image landing pages.
  • Spanish searchers see brown color scheme.
  • Visitors sees search box on all pages.
  • Searchers see updated affiliate and mobile type-ahead search suggestions.
  • Mobile visitors can see SMS option on
  • Searchers see updated affiliate and mobile page.


  • Fixed bugs/display problems with monthly clicks/queries.
  • Inconsistent autocomplete on images landing page and image SERPs.
  • Spanish searchers see updated text on advanced search page.


  • We upgraded to Rails 3. The full chore list for this upgrade would be long, but let us know if anyone is interested in hearing about it.