Features (things you actually notice)

  • When you add a new site, we’ll proactively index content that we find on your home page, including RSS feeds, favicons, and social media handles. This will streamline the process of adding a site and make it easier than ever to leverage our features.
  • Searchers see a magnifying glass icon for the search button.
  • Searchers don’t see “Everything” in the sidebar when it is the only option.
  • Searchers don’t see redundant information in the description snippets.
  • Searchers see only recently discovered URLs in the new URLs GovBox.
  • Customers can opt to display the new URLs GovBox on the Results Modules page in the Admin Center.
  • Customers see their site ID on the Site Information page.
  • Customers can see what content is indexed for their feeds from the RSS page.
  • Customers who have input their Twitter handle(s) have their tweets indexed.
  • Customers receive periodic emails about unused features.
  • You can now change the order of the sidebar options that appear on your results page, regardless of source.
  • You can now leverage our discovery tag over https.
  • Beginning on June 1, you won’t have to log in to see your search analytics. We’ll deliver a report directly to your inbox each month. Plus, it will be easier to share the data with your colleagues. Searchers see video results from YouTube playlists.
  • Searchers see a recent tweet when it matches their query.
  • Mobile visitors to m.USA.gov see unique page titles in browser.
  • When customers add or modify a [domain]((/manual/domains.html), their pages are automatically discovered.
  • Customers have a free form text box (versus a drop-down menu) to enter related sites on the Results Modules page.
  • Searchers see an improved user interface for faceted navigation in sidebar.

Fixes (fixes to any bugs that may arise)

  • RSS feed parser now looks for atomUpdated.
  • We fixed the layout of deep links.
  • We now fetch RSS feed entries without guid.
  • Searchers can tab to a link to skip to the main content. (Thanks, USCIS, for pointing this out.)
  • Searchers see up to 20 videos per page when searching for more videos from the GovBox.

Chores (back-end improvements that you don’t notice)

  • Admins can generate system reports based on selected features.