We officially rolled our newly redesigned results page.

As we continue to add features to our search results page, you can see small, incremental changes. We added a thin, visible border around the search box to improve its visibility, especially against a white background. We changed the color of the query term in the search box from gray to black. We also added more padding around Best Bets so that searchers can more readily distinguish them from web results. At the bottom of page, we added “Page 1” to “Next »” to more clearly indicate that more results are available.

Tweaks to the redesigned USA.gov results page

Additionally, searchers can now see image and video results. Searchers can filter results to images or videos only. They can also see up to one inline video result with a link to see more videos.

To improve the quality of the image search results, we now display images from your Flickr photostream by default.

We realized that our results page was getting a bit top-heavy so we now display inline results only when they’re most relevant—capping the display of inline videos at 13 months and inline RSS-based news results at four months. Additionally, we display very recent news results (less than five days) at the top of the page and less recent news results closer to the bottom.

It is also now possible to include an email address as a header or footer link by using mailto:info@agency.gov within the URL.


  • We added support for .com CNAMEs.
  • We increased the maximum mobile logo size from 50KB to 64KB.
  • We updated Travis-CI (External link) to use Ruby 2.0 (External link).
  • We added robots.txt files to all sites that use a CNAME to block crawlers from their search results pages.
  • We updated logstash and upgraded ElasticSearch to 1.2.0.
  • We investigated Drupal (External link) modules that publish content APIs for our bring your own index pilot.
  • We updated our SSL certificate.
  • We added a page in the Admin Center for you to let us know about your Instagram account. We also registered for the Instagram API (External link). (We’re planning to display image results Instagram soon.)


  • Searchers no longer see duplicate video results.
  • We fixed the spacing between web results on mobile phones.
  • We now automatically populate the homepage URL for newly added sites.