• What type of traffic do we not like in our system? Bots. Bots run junk queries on your search boxes, gobbling up our query purchases with the commercial search engines. To battle the bots, we launched a bot-blocking feature:
    • If an IP address sends high levels of traffic to a particular search site in a short amount of time, the searcher will be asked to confirm that they are human via CAPTCHA (screenshot below).
    • The CAPTCHA is unlikely to trigger for humans.

Screenshot of bot blocking message and CAPTCHA


  • Our developer team continues to investigate and roadmap the best way to get customer content into our own indexes. This will be a long term project that extends through the rest of this calendar year and into 2018. There are several advantages to using our own indexes:
    • Customers can have complete control over what content is included in their search results.
    • Customers don’t need to rely on results from commercial indexes, which can be out of date or have unpredictable titles/descriptions.