Highlight: New, Improved Mobile Results Page

Searchers using a mobile phone now see a new, improved search results page. Visible improvements include:

  • Wall-to-wall search box.
  • More readable font for type-ahead suggestions and search results.
  • Card-based design (External link) to cluster best bets, web results, and related searches.

See the screenshot below for USA.gov’s results for thanksgiving on a mobile phone.

Mobile search results page on USA.gov

Under the hood, our new results page uses a responsive design to optimize searchers’ experience on your site—anywhere, anytime, and on any device per the Digital Government Strategy.

Look for even more improvements to your search results page over the next few months. And, be sure to customize your results page by uploading your mobile logo and letting us know your homepage URL.

Other Features

  • You can now see clickthru rates (CTRs) for each Best Bet. View your Monthly Report in the Admin Center and click drill down to access the CTR data. Drill down a second time to see the queries that lead to each Best Bet. Use the data to improve searchers’ experience on your site by editing or deleting your Best Bets.
  • Searchers now see longer URLs on larger resolutions (up to 65 characters) and shorter URLs on smaller resolutions. We previously displayed up to 42 characters, regardless of the searcher’s screen resolution.
  • Searchers on a site with a custom CNAME are now redirected to the site’s homepage.
  • You can now see up to 1,000 results on the Clicks and Queries pages in the Analytics section of the Admin Center. We previously showed up to 10 results.


  • We’re now leveraging Keen IO (External link) for some real-time analytics.
  • We updated Rails to version 3.2.15 (External link).
  • We fixed some Javascript-related Cucumber (External link) scenarios that had previously been failing.
  • We now gracefully handle our Twitter IDs so that our Twitter process is more stable.
  • We now gracefully handle an EventMachine (External link) failure.
  • We tidied up some loose ends from our old, now-defunct Admin Center by removing unused code and database columns.
  • We renewed some of our SSL certificates.
  • We updated the operating system packages on all of our machines and we rebuilt a disk on one of our servers.


  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from adding a new site in the Admin Center.
  • We now filter invalid URLs from your RSS feeds so that searchers don’t see a 404 error.
  • We fixed our Collections search results page so that it no longer fails when it contains a database URL without any values set.
  • We added correctional to our stemming override (External link) file so that searchers don’t see irrelevant results for correct, corrected, etc.