October wasn’t scary for us. We enhanced your ability to immediately add content to your search results. You can now tell us about a URL or RSS feed in the Admin Center and we will immediately index the content and display it on your results page.

Additionally, we now offer real-time reporting for your search queries in the Affiliate Center, allowing you to see your website’s search activity throughout the day.

As a reminder, we divide our work into three categories.

  1. Features: Things that you actually notice;
  2. Chores: Back-end improvements that you don’t notice
  3. Bugs: Fixes to any code issues that may arise.

Features for Searchers

  • Searchers see polished look and feel for results pages with RSS elements.
  • Searchers see option to filter results by last 24 hours, last week, and last month on results pages with RSS elements.
  • Searchers see option to remove all filters when no results are found for RSS results.
  • Searchers see indexed documents/pages from the DigitalGov Search index on results pages.
  • m.USA.gov visitors see new homepage options.

  • m.USA.gov visitors may click anywhere on row to select a homepage option.

Features for Affiliate Center Users

  • Affiliate Center users may input RSS feeds.
  • Affiliate Center users see crawl information for DigitalGov Search crawler.
  • URLs added by Affiliate Center users and fetched by DigitalGov Search go into Add to Bing feed transparently.
  • Affiliate Center users may add URLs not in their domain list.
  • Affiliate Center users may bulk upload Best Bets in CSV format.
  • Affiliate Center users may view today’s analytics data.


  • Report RSS feed processing errors.
  • Precede Bing logo with “Results by.”
  • Searchers see attribution to DigitalGov Search in HTML code.
  • Ignore case when RSS feeds are busy or unavailable.
  • Update Affiliate Center navigation and text.
  • Implement near zero-downtime deployments.


  • Add flag to determine whether older items from an RSS feed are ignored or processed.
  • Affiliate Center users using IE9 may cancel a delete request.
  • Publications does not stem to public(s).
  • Affiliate Center users may upload Atom RSS feeds.
  • Searchers don’t see “!!!sep” after an Affiliate Center user deletes a row in a Best Bet.
  • RSS searches don’t cause an error when the affiliate name is invalid.
  • Indexed document results highlight keywords.