Highlight: Upgraded Search Infrastructure

Good news! We completed a major upgrade of our search infrastructure. You likely didn’t notice as we completed the upgrade without any downtime for searchers on your site.

Our system is now even more secure, stable, and redundant than it was before. Plus, it is faster, too. Highlights of the upgrade follow.

Multihoming. We’ve always had a disaster recovery, backup datacenter, but it often sat idle. We wanted to make better use of all of our servers so we’re now leveraging a content delivery network to send traffic to whichever datacenter is geographically closest to the searcher. This allows us to use both datacenters equally and serve our results quickly.


New Hardware. We increased our RAM and CPU resources by five times. We have room to grow and to roll out more features.

Upgraded Software. We’re now on Red Hat 6 and Cloudera 4.

Speed, Speed, Speed. We’re always working to improve the speed of our search results. We changed some of our caching rules. We also started to leverage Nginx (External link) (a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server).

Other Chores

  • We removed the Hosted Sitemap feature.


  • We added alerts to the Admin Center to communicate maintenance windows or other timely content with you.
  • Searchers can see keyword-scoped results for collections. If you have a collection below three folder levels deep, email us and we’ll help you set up a keyword for your collection.


  • We now show dates for RSS news items on each customer’s search results page only.
  • We fixed a bug which caused highlighted terms on results pages to omit trailing spaces.
  • We fixed a bug on how “site:” operators retrieve results.