Highlight: Compare Your Click-thru Rate to the Average Rate

How do you stack up? You can now compare your click-thru rate (CTR) with the average rate across all sites that use DigitalGov Search. Use your CTR data to measure the performance of specific campaigns and modules.

For example, October’s Monthly Report for Kids.gov shows the average CTR for Best Bets: Graphics on Kids.gov is 26.8%, while the average CTR across all DigitalGov Search sites is 14.0%. Their graphic best bets are very effective compared to other sites.

See how Kids.gov’s other modules stack up against the average below.

Average CTR

This means that the graphic best bets (such as seen for a search on George Washington on Kids.gov) are almost twice as likely to be clicked on Kids.gov than other sites.

It’s important to remember your audience. Kids use search differently than adults and they’re probably more attracted to graphic images.

George Washington Best Bets: Graphic

Go to the Monthly Reports page in the Admin Center to see how you stack up.

Other Features

  • We made the final cutover to our new Admin Center. As part of the cutover, we updated all of our help files and removed 404 pages from our search results. We also migrated our Best Bets: Graphics and My Account pages.
  • You’re no longer asked to provide a phone number or address when you register for a new account.
  • Librarians, developers, and others can see a list of federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government URLs that aren’t .gov or .mil.


  • We applied updates to our operating system from Hardware Lister (External link), Jenkins (External link), Python (External link), Red Hat (External link), and our Time Zone data (External link).
  • We set up Code Climate (External link) to identify areas of our code that can be improved.
  • We phased out color schemes and now offer two options, default and custom.
  • We updated the links in our email templates to reflect the new Admin Center.
  • We added the Digital Analytics Program tag to our results pages by default. Email us at search@support.digitalgov.gov if you’d like to opt out.


  • We fixed a display issue with the icons in the Admin Center so that customers using Internet Explorer can now see them.
  • We now show a link to validate (External link) your CSS and HTML on the advanced header and footer page.