• To accomplish our FY 2018 goals, we continued backend development that will allow your agency content to be sent directly into our indexes. In October, our team completed work that enables our system to process PDFs, Word documents, and Excel files.


  • We completed our transition to Chef 12.
  • We updated our program website to be https://search.gov/. As part of that process, we changed our website favicon to our new logo, updated references to our program on individual pages, and created a new domain mask.
  • We updated the attribution at the bottom of search results pages that display content from our indexes. Those pages now say “Powered by Search.gov.”
  • We began transitioning our repos to use Circle CI.


  • Our hosted search results pages are 508 compliant, and we undergo regular review to ensure compliance. This month, we added underlining to the links that are displayed in the headers, footers, and navigation bars on our search results pages. The underlining appears when you hover over the link, and indicates that the links are not regular text.
    Screenshot of USA.gov search results page with green box around facets