Highlight: Visit the Revamped Admin Center

We’re excited to release our newly revamped Admin Center. Be sure to update your bookmarks!

After you log in, the new Default Site feature lets you set the site you see by default. We’ve automatically set it as your highest-traffic site. You can change the default site by clicking on the pin icon next to your selected site.

Among the new features are Today’s Snapshot, where we’ve placed the snapshot of today’s search data front and center.

Today's Snapshot

On Today’s Snapshot, you can view top queries and clicks, trending queries and URLs, queries with no results, and queries with low click thrus.

Monthly reports and query and click stats are also available through the new Analytics section.

We’ve also made it easier for you to manage the content that displays on your search results page by placing it all within one section, Manage Content.

Another section, Manage Display, makes it easier for you turn display features on and off and to brand your results page by selecting your font and color scheme, managing your image assets, and adding header and footer links. Plus, you can now edit the ‘News’ label on the News Govbox.

You can read our updated help by clicking on the Help? link on each page in the Admin Center, or see the full set of help files on our How to Set Up Your Search Box page.

Email us at search@support.digitalgov.gov to let us know if you have other ideas for how we can improve our Admin Center.


  • We made tweet queries two orders of magnitude, or 130ms, faster and pruned older tweets from our index to increase retrieval speeds.
  • We upgraded our RedHat channel (External link) from 6.2 to 6.3.
  • We moved some servers to a new datacenter and resolved a bandwidth issue between our datacenters.
  • We sent Microsoft an updated list of federal, state, and local government domains that aren’t .gov or .mil so that searchers can get results from these websites on USA.gov.


  • We updated our stemming file to fix a stemming issue with organ* so that searches on organic no longer find results for organizations, organisms, or other irrelevant terms.
  • We removed the ‘www’ for newly added sites so the default domain is now agency.gov, not www.agency.gov.