To help searchers more easily find what they’re looking for, you can now promote related content by listing it as a set of value-added links under your organic web results. See the sample results page below that shows value-added links for EDGAR filings for a search on apple on

Sitelink-generated links for EDGAR filings on

Do you have related content that you’d like to display as value-added links that searchers should see within the context of each other (such as related forms, instructions, and publications)? If your related content follows a discernable URL pattern, email us at and we’ll work with you to promote the related content on your site.

We’ve open sourced the code for the sitelink generator on Github so you can fork the code and contribute to it directly. We’ve also published it as Ruby gem.

Thanks, team, for helping us build this new feature!

Other Features

  • Searchers now see underlined links when they hover over them on the results page.
  • Searchers using screen readers now see an ARIA (External link) alert for type-ahead search suggestions to let them know the number of available suggestions and how to access them.
  • You can now add a tagline at the top of your results page.
  • You can now left-align your hamburger menu.
  • You can now add an alt tag to your logo on the Image Assets page in the Admin Center.
  • To improve its accessibility, you now see legends and instructional text for all radio button options in the Admin Center. You can also tab logically through all menu items.


  • We upgraded to version 4.0 of the Airbrake gem (External link) and version 6.5 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (External link). We also installed patches to address the Shellshock vulnerability.
  • We gained 40% more capacity in our main Elasticsearch cluster by upgrading our hardware.
  • We removed infinite scroll on the results page.
  • We now redirect searchers to’s 404 page when they use a null or incorrect ‘affiliate’ parameter.


  • We’ve added a user agent to our request headers so you can see it when we poll your RSS feeds.
  • If you’ve opted to turn off web tracking, we now turn off the tags for both our own Google Analytics and the Digital Analytics Program.
  • We now show fewer similar or duplicate pictures in our image results. [Commit f6ab915]
  • We fixed our image search pagination to account for really old pictures and how we group photos into albums. [Commit b12eb19]
  • We also fixed our indexing of images with circa dates. [Commit f7b577c]
  • We lessened the complexity of the importer logic for Instagram. [Commit 5f828e3]
  • The option to narrow results to images only now appears by default for sites with an Instagram account. It had previously displayed only for sites with a Flickr account.
  • Searchers no longer see government-wide image results on sites without a Flickr or Instagram account. They now see site-specific image results.
  • Image searches without a search term no longer cause an error.