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I love the new Federal Register feature box that shows me additional results from my search query from the Federal Register. It’s like having two searches in one! The “More documents on” link also passes my query directly to the Federal Register API so I can move seamlessly to the FR site to continue my research. This is very helpful.

Visit to learn more about how is improving its search experience by displaying Federal Register results.

Robert Rand
Securities and Exchange Commission

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With the new site search, our customers can search across all of ED’s websites at once. The search experience is close to an external search engine experience, which our customers find familiar and intuitive. We appreciate how much we can custom tailor the DigitalGov Search features for ED’s needs, and the detailed, relevant search metrics we can access. All of this helps us improve the search experience, which is so key to how our customers navigate

Visit to learn more about the rollout of’s visual refresh and redesign.

Department of Education

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It would be impossible to match the value of GSA’s DigitalGov Search service by procuring, building, and configuring a custom solution ourselves. With the combination of a very feature-rich search service and knowledgeable staff, this is by far the best search tool ever.

Department of Homeland Security

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DigitalGov Search delivers fast, relevant results to our customers. It also provides user-friendly dashboard access to metrics and search management tools.

Economic Research Service, Department of Agriculture

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With the [DigitalGov Search] tool, we are able to deliver a modernized and customer-centric search experience on The service has provided significant improvements to our site search technology and the ability to leverage open source technology and seamlessly integrate with other existing platforms and USDA social and multi-media channels across the web.
We are able to fully manage the tool and reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain an enterprise-wide search solution across the Department. Our employees and customers expressed immediate satisfaction. We now have the ability to work with our agencies to further the enhancements provided by this technology and to build upon our total web presence.

Department of Agriculture

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After our migration of to Drupal, we used the native search tool. However, after looking at the internal site search analytics, it was obvious visitors were not finding what they were looking for. [DigitalGov Search] integrated easily into our system and provided several new features. I appreciate the auto-fill and sort by source features and so do our visitors. Our analytics logs report a much higher percentage of searches resulting in what the visitor was looking for.

Department of Commerce

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The primary mission of the Defense Media Activity (DMA) is to provide a broad range of high quality multimedia products and services to inform, educate, and entertain Department of Defense audiences around the world. DMA Public Web delivers information to a worldwide audience via 500+ official Department of Defense websites such as the official websites for Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army Corps of Engineers.
Our goal is to do that using the latest technologies available in the most cost effective manner possible. Partnering with DigitalGov Search has enabled us to further enhance our capabilities while saving upwards of $214,000 per year from our previous enterprise search system.
DigitalGov Search has empowered us with more control over search results to more effectively help our customers quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. Their flexible system allows us to make adjustments with ease and quickly deploy search for new sites, two elements that are crucial to the success of our operations.
Beyond that, we feel that DigitalGov Search values their stakeholders and we appreciate their flexibility, attention to detail, and migration assistance. They have been in constant contact with our team, and have adjusted their code numerous times to meet our core mission requirements with nothing less than superlative and reliable results. This program is a terrific example of how government agencies are finding new and creative ways to save money while still providing a much needed service.

Public Web, Defense Media Activity, Department of Defense

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The ‘out of the box’ search results are much more relevant than our prior search results because it harnesses the power of a world-class search engine and the program offers us a great amount of control for suggesting the best links for certain search results and ensuring that new content or breaking news is included in the search results.

Department of Labor

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Gartner recently published a very positive case study on DigitalGov Search (formerly USASearch), Create Better, Faster Enterprise Search With a Customized Open-Source Option (External link), January 2012. In the report, Gartner notes that DigitalGov Search addresses the key aspects of designing a search system.

Gartner identifies key stages of action in “Your Enterprise Search Project: The Outward Spiral.” [DigitalGov Search] addressed them all:

  • Staffing the project with experts who had domain knowledge.
  • Scoping the project using those personnel to satisfy search requirements for federal websites.
  • Selecting the right technology.
  • Implementing it effectively with workers who have the right skill sets.
  • Measuring results as effectively as possible.

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The [DigitalGov Search] tool is awesome. It makes finding things on our website easier than ever. The results that come back are both quick and relevant. My favorite feature has to be Query Logs. What our users are looking for is now crystal clear, which makes my life way easier. It provides insight into what users want that is sometimes very hard to find. It also allows us to promote the correct content.
For instance, for several months our most search terms were employment and jobs, so we created a Jobs page and put it right on our homepage. After that the search for those terms dropped dramatically, which means users no longer had to poke and search for Jobs/Employment information because it was right where it needed to be.
I almost couldn’t believe that this amazing service is free. It’s easy to implement and full of useful features, which would normally cost us quite a lot and in this economy it’s these types of services that help us save money.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior

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