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  • We hold our Intro session a couple times a year.

Have an idea about another topic you’d like us to develop training for? Let us know!

Previous Sessions

Can’t view our YouTube vidoes? When available, a downloadable .mp4 file can be found below each embedded video on this page.

Intro to

June 2019 | 69 mins

Download the mp4
Note: As new Intro sessions are held, recordings of previous sessions will be taken down.

Indexing with

April 2019 | 41 mins

Webinar Transcript
Download available soon

How Search Engines Index Your Websites

May 2018 | 48 mins

Presentation Slides & Notes (PDF)
Download How Search Engines Index Your Websites .mp4

Structuring Your Site for Better SEO

March 2017 | 59 mins

Presentation Slides (PDF)
List of SEO Articles and Resources (PDF)
Structuring Your Site .mp4

June 2016 | 57 mins

All About Analytics .mp4

Search Doctor: Preventive Care for Your Search Results

April 2016 | 48 mins

Search Doctor .mp4

DigitalGov Search for Power Users

February 2016 | 66 mins

Power Users .mp4

December 2015 | 61 mins

Mastering Your Search Data (Slide deck) / Michelle Chronister, USAgov FY15 Monthly Search Reports (Excel workbook) / Michelle Chronister, USAgov - Modify to use as a template for your agency.
Show Me the Data .mp4

February 2015 | 55 mins

Straight to the Top .mp4

Mastering Your Search Term Data: A Tool for Faster, Smarter Analysis

June 2014 | 58 mins

Note: To build your own tool to analyze your search data, read Understanding Your Users’ Needs By Analyzing Search Terms and explore’s magic formulas in this spreadsheet (MS Excel, 371 KB, October 2013)

Mastering Your Search Term Data .mp4

Quick Start Video

Getting Started with

July 2018 | 4 mins

Getting Started .mp4

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