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As you update your site’s display settings, you can preview your search results page before pushing the changes to your live website.

Visit our Admin Center, select your site, and click on the Preview option (the eye icon) in the left-hand menu.

Select the preview option

Enter a term in the box to see search results.

Did you know? You can also preview (and share) your search results page by typing into the address bar in any browser. (Your site handle is listed on the Settings page in the Admin Center, if you don’t know it.)

Did you know? If you’re still on our legacy results page, you’ll see two to three options.

View Staged. This option allows you to view the staged search results page before you publish it to your live site. You’ll see this option if you have staged changes.

View Current. This option allows you to view the current, live search results page on your site. This is the only option you’ll see if you don’t have any staged changes.

View Redesigned Page. This option allows you to view the newly redesigned search results page as it’ll appear on your site after May 30, 2014.