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About is a search engine built by the government, for the government. Available to federal agencies and the District of Columbia, we currently support over 300 million search queries a year for about 2,200 websites, across one third of federal domains.

Our mission is to connect the public with the information they need from the government.

We work to provide a modern, high quality, government-wide, self-service search engine that allows agencies to customize search experiences for the public, regardless of website type or organization. is a product of Smarter IT Solutions, a division of the U.S. General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services, and there is no cost to federal agencies.

Do you have any questions or need any assistance? We’re here to help! Email us at You can also give us a call at 202-969-7426, Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm ET, except for federal holidays.

History got its start when internet entrepreneur Eric Brewer, whose early research was funded by the Department of Defense, offered to donate a powerful search engine to the government. That gift helped accelerate the government’s earlier work to create a government-wide portal.

In June 2000, President Clinton announced the gift from the Federal Search Foundation, a nonprofit organization established by Brewer, and instructed that an official U.S. web portal be launched within 90 days. went online on September 22, 2000 under the name with a prominent search box to allow the public to search across government websites. Visit to learn more about its mission and history.

In 2010, moved to open-source software and expanded its use to agencies across government in the United States.

Meet the Team

  • Dawn Pointer McCleskey – Program Manager
  • Arantxa Piperova – Customer Success Manager
  • Amani Farooque – Product Manager
  • Robert Fink – Technical Lead and DevOps
  • Martha Thompson – Senior Developer
  • Lora Woodford – Developer
  • James Miller – Developer