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2019 in Review

Top Topics in 2019 poster, small version. Following is a link to a larger PDF version. The poster shows a set of 16 pie charts, one for each top topic. The pie charts show the details of the top 25 queries run in 2019 for that topic.
Open large version

295,916,305 queries

~2,000 gov websites

16 top topics

365 days of connecting people with what they need.

System Highlights

  • Added ranking factors to our search algorithm (popularity, freshness).
  • Released help documentation about site launches and the indexing process.
  • Added a sitelimit feature to provide an alternative to Collection search scoping.
  • Added indexing coverage for javascript pages and other metadata-only files.
  • Increased security on user accounts:
    • Automatic disabling after 90 days of inactivity.
    • MFA login through
  • Upgraded Ruby.
  • Upgraded Rails.
  • Upgraded Elasticsearch.
  • Upgraded jQuery.
  • Increased server capacity and processing power.
  • Added query caching on our primary index to improve response time.
  • Expanded our Elasticsearch system twice.